About Horizons Montessori Preschool

We welcome you and your family to Horizons Montessori Preschool, a special place full of fun, joy, friendships, learning and discovery.  We look forward to helping your child explore their learning opportunities supported by knowledgeable, caring teachers who will work in partnership with you.

Montessori Philosophy

We view children as competent and confident learners.  Our centre philosophy strives to enhance learning opportunities through the philosophy and equipment of Maria Montessori and Te Whāriki the national early childhood curriculum.  We are a distinctive service as we offer a balance of both structured and freeplay periods throughout the day, where learning is a fun and exciting journey of discovery.  Children and teachers co-construct knowledge alongside the active partnership we develop with parents.

We capture and document children’s learning through in-depth assessment documentation.  Teachers use a checklist to track children’s academic knowledge (colours, numbers, shapes, letters, sight words, and scissor skills).  This helps us to understand the child’s current knowledge and to tailor a programme that supports their progress.  Learning stories are used to notice, recognize and respond to children’s emergent interests and supports our planning process.  The children’s e-portfolios are produced through EducaEduca is an ideal way for parents, children and teachers to share and be involved in their child’s learning experiences.  Educa allows parents to invite other family members or friends to engage in their child’s portfolio, to add stories and comments and be involved.  Educa operates a secure site allowing only those invited to access children’s portfolios using a password of their preference.  The ease of use of Educa means that stories are accessible immediately and can be viewed on any mobile device such as phone, ipad or computer.  You will receive an alert to let you know something has been added.

Our teacher/child ratio of 1:5 is integral to offering the children scaffolded learning through sustained interest areas such as research and enquiry.  It also provides us the time and opportunity to actively play and participate as we establish strong relationships based on mutual respect and trust.  Children freely choose their own activities with teachers encouragement and support to try new challenges, learn new skills and develop their individual interests.

It is important that teachers, families and children feel a strong sense of cultural connection within the preschool where all cultures are respected and celebrated. Biculturalism is supported through understanding Maori culture, language and identity through developing our partnership with whanau and iwi.

Our curriculum at Horizons Montesspri Preschool

Our Curriculum

The Montessori equipment, additional games and supplementary equipment are instrumental in supporting children’s learning through incremental developmental steps.  Children take turns at choosing games for the small group to play.  Teachers use these opportunities to foster learning and with five teachers there is a lot of teacher child engagement with games that are FUN.

Transition to School

Teachers design activities that include research and inquiry, scissor skills, groups skills, negotiation, leadership and technology.  The interactive whiteboard and ipad can be used to explore new knowledge and inspire topics of interest.

Horizons Montessori Information


We are open from 8:00 to 4:00 each day and we offer 4 hour sessions from 8:00 to 12:00 and 12:00 to 4:00.  We also have full days and full-time positions available.

All our teachers at Horizons Montessori Preschool in New Lynn, Auckland

Our Teachers

All the teachers are highly knowledgeable and deeply committed to their professional roles.  The team share a vision towards quality care and education which equated to improved learning outcomes for children.

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